Beauty buzz: 2016 is all about spray-on nail polish

I'm a sinister left-handed human. This impacts upon my life in many ways. I can't use the bread knife in my house with the serrated edge actually cutting the bread so I just hack at it with the non-serrated edge. If I use a pen, my smudged hand tells the world all about it. And the nails on my left hand always look like a toddler painted them.

Now, I know you righties probably have the opposite problem when it comes to polished digits. See, we can all paint one hand relatively well but for the other one? Good luck, I may as well just pour the polish bottle over my paw and hope for the best.

But is all this about to change?


Nails Inc have launched their new Paint Can polish in the UK in a campaign fronted by Alexa Chung. And it's sure to make its way to Irish shelves very soon.

The magic is in the ease of application, though both a regular base and top coat are required. Apply your base coat as normal (even I can manage this, no one is going to see it anyway). Then you just simply pretend that you're Banksy and spray the graffiti-style canister over the general vicinity of your nails for about 20 seconds. And follow up with your regular top coat for shine and longevity.

Now, of course, your mitts are going to be covered in painty polish by the time you're finished channelling the world's favourite graffiti artist. But once your top coat has set, you can wash it away with warm water and soap, or even the dreaded the face wipe. Now, take note, if the face wipe is removing this painty polish, it is also capable of removing your face so do not use for make up removal.



The shade range is limited with only two options. You can choose from the soft grey of Shoreditch Lane or the pink pop of Hoxton Market. Both of these are retailing on the UK market for £10.


I really like the sound of these. I have yet to try them but the gadget aspect alone gets my attention.

But like with oil body sprays, be sure to use this in the bathroom or over a sink. No one wants bright pink and grey carpets. Except maybe Banksy.


Have you tried this new beauty buzz yet? Would you be tempted or does it sound like the ultimate faff and your hands are quite capable of applying nail polish by themselves thank you very much?

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