Beauty buzz: Why the internet is blowing up over magnetic falsies

Fabulous falsies

From dubious beginnings with Constance Carroll clear mascara to dabbling with lash extensions, my eyelashes and I have been through a lot together. We broke up temporarily in 2002 when I used an eyelash curler, forgetting that I had already applied mascara about half an hour prior. The lashes crunched off, sticking to the curler, leaving me stubby of lash and Clockwork Orange of look. But we have since made up and treat each other well.

I love a fat lash and am always on the look out for the best falsies around. They are the finishing touch to any look and the celebs (see Katy Perry above) love a good set of false lashes. So when I heard the internet buzzing about these magnetic falsies, I had to take a closer look.

One Two Lash are the first magnetic lashes to hit the market.

Be bold. Be fierce. Be you. | #OneTwoLash CEO and Founder @katy.stoka in Bold Magnetic Lashes

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I watched the application videos and I was completely confused for about ten minutes. She refers to the bottom of the lash and the top of the lash and I assumed she meant the bottom and top lashes. But if I was magnetically sealing these together, would I not end up with eyes shut tight as a kitten's? Sure my lashes might look great but what use is that to me if I can't, you know, see. I do stupid things in the name of beauty but this is a step too far.


But then the penny dropped and I realised that she meant the only the top lash but to apply one strip below and one strip above, the two then clicking together, effectively sandwiching your natural lash between them. No fiddling with glue or extensions required, they are reusable and come in four versions - original, bold, accent and filler.

Pricewise, you can pick up a set of two pairs of the originals for $69 from their site.

Lashes + Brows | One Two Lash Bolds and groomed brows are the perfect match ? #myonetwolash

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I wonder how strong the magnet is and if cutlery will lift from the table and attach itself to my eye. But if they deliver the flutter that they claim too, then no forks given.


Would you be tempted to try these out?

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