Beauty items you don't need to splurge on - ever

When it's one of those days, one of those months, or one of those Goddamn years when you feel like you'll never be able to afford nice things, don't worry. You don't have to.

The beauty industry is one we all love, obviously. But like all other industries in the history of the world, it needs to keep its clients interested. This means the slimmest of the slim phones, trains that go at the speed of light and eyelid primer. Now, I'm not saying that eyelid primer is unnecessary; there are some amazing ones out there that we use on more than just our lids. (It can be a lifesaver for those of us who are extra-oily around the nose.) The thing is, you can live without it.

A perfectly able substitute for eyelid primer is your good old concealer and powder. Just pat on your concealer, set it with powder and you're good to go. Try this on other extra oily areas of you face too. For around your nose try: concealer, powder, foundation, powder. Works a treat.

We're loving this concealer at the moment - L.O.V Cosmetics EFFECTful Concealer Pen (€9.95) - and the best powder for the job is MAC's Prep and Prime €26.50.



Makeup artists clean their brushes constantly, spritzing them throughout the day and washing them thoroughly when they go home. But you don't have to. Of course, it is so important to keep your brushes clean, but you don't have to splash out on specific brush cleaner when baby shampoo will work. Johnson's Baby Shampoo costs just €1.88 in SuperValu.


The biggest money-waster of them all is foot product. Sure, people may not like feet very much, but there's absolutely no reason to segregate them from the rest of your body! A specific foot scrub or butter will not make a blind bit of difference. If you're hoping it will scrape off your hard skin, it won't. If you think it will cure your fungal infection - stop! And get thee to a podiatrist.

Speaking of scrubs, though, we're using this one from The Body Shop at the mo, and it's perfect.


One last thing, don't forget, you're not saving money if you're still using that mascara you've had for a year or that lip gloss you've owned for three. That's just nasty. And you'll be paying a lot more when you have to go to the doctor to treat that eye infection.

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