Beddy Buys: What's Your Night Time Routine?

Complicated pampering rituals are all very nice and all but not the most practical when you’ve stayed up too late and have to get up at stupid o’clock (even if you do have the fanciest alarm clock known to mankind to get you out of the leaba).

But night time is the perfect chance to give skin a boost with intensive products and just being smart with what you use can produce great results.

body shop

First off, add a serum into your night time routine, choosing one that will work on any particular skin concern you want to focus on (ageing, pigmentation, tone etc). If you’re unsure, the Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil (€22) seems to be a great all-rounder, packed with nourishing oils without being greasy (and features inLaura's skincare diaries).

Bedtime is also a good chance to give hands a proper dose of moisturisation as there’s no chance of you accidentally washing hand cream off after twenty minutes!

Hand Relief Serum

I thought Aveda’s Hand Relief Night Renewal Serum, which launched a few months back, was a bit gimmicky but it’s actually fab. It’s extremely hydrating and the morning after I first used it the skin on my hands did look smoother and more moisturised. It’s €34 and contains plant extracts to moisturise and licorice to brighten skin tone over time.



If you have trouble nodding off, essential oils are worth a go. Aromatherapy Associates’ heady Deep Relax Oil is (€46) is technically for use in the bath or shower but can be applied directly to skin too. (note: it’s not recommended for use during pregnancy.)

Sleep Balm grp medres

It’s a blend of vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood and is lovely when applied  to pulse points before bed. I’ve also just discovered also a Deep Relax Balm (€21) which has the same scent and would do the same job.

Tranquillity (Group Shot)

Finally, if you’re keen to make bedtime a proper relaxing ritual, or have trouble winding down, look to therapeutic oils and candles. I love British organic brand Neom which is in Brown Thomas. The Tranquillity range contains a blend of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine to encourage restful sleep. The candles are available in three sizes and the big three wick one is worth the €54 investment!


So tell us, what is your night time routine? Do you religiously slather on thicker creams or do you sometimes struggle to even brush your teeth? Give us a run down of your evening products in the comments. And you'll find lots more skincare recommendations in our dedicated skin section here!

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