Behold the most popular wedding dress in the world

It's not the most important part of the day, but choosing your wedding dress is a big part of the Big Day. Like it or not, everyone will be looking at you, and everyone who wasn't invited to the wedding will be asking what your dress was like. So even if you have the smallest wedding ever to avoid the stalking, people will still talk.

So, do you choose something that's totally 'you', a style that people would never expect or go with a dress you know everyone will love? Sometimes it's good to play it safe, even on your wedding day. And, you know what, if you decided to go with the most popular wedding dress in the world, you wouldn't be going wrong. Every second bride may also be wearing it - or something like it - but hey, it's gorgeous.

Behold, the Hollie Dress, by Australian designer Grace Loves Dress - the most pinned dress ever.

An all time favourite. The #graceloveslace #holliedress

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Unsurprisingly, it's all sold out, and doesn't look like it's coming back. But, Grace Loves Lace has revealed the Hollie 2.0, and it's every bit as amaze.

What is/was your dream dress? Can you understand why this one is so popular?

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