Best eyeshadow for sludge eyes?

So we're always being told about the best eye colour for blue, green and brown eyes.  Hell there are even mascaras and eyeliners available for those eye colours.

But a massive opportunity is being lost by the cosmetic companies.  Because so far no one has invented a product for sludge eyes.

Yeah, you know sludge eyes.  They're that grey - blue- greeny shade that's neither here nor there.  They can look green in certain lights or sometimes blue.  But mostly they just look like sludge.


I find that pinks, purples and lavenders are the best colours for lifting my sludge. Green  is also terrific - I LOVE green eyeshadow.  It makes the sludge actually look green too.  Well sort of

Brown is a really bad colour for me, terrible.  It just deadens my whole face and makes my eyes look like two holes in a blanket.  Blue is shocking on me too.

I reckon sludge is a really common eye colour and I'd love to know what colour shadow you find the best!

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