Waterproof Makeup: 8 Products To Get You To Work With Your Face Intact

While doing my twenty minute walk to the bus stop the other morning during a torrential downpour, I had one thought - this is a great testament to my makeup if I have ANY left by the time I get to work. Luckily, it survived. Very luckily, in fact, because I didn’t have a single thing with me (bar lipstick) to touch up with if it did happen to run down my face.

With pessimistic forecasts for the rest of the week, I thought I would let you know what some of my favourite waterproof products are. These are guaranteed to get you to work or wherever you’re going with your face left intact.


  • For foundation, I am down on my hands and knees praising Revlon’s Colorstay for normal/dry skin (€17.80). I don’t actually have normal/dry skin but funnily enough I find the formulation of this one far superior to the oily/combination version. While not labelled as waterproof, it's a longwearing foundation that simply stays put. It gives medium to full coverage so it won’t be to everyone’s tastes (and make sure to buff it in with something like a Beauty Blender for natural-looking, flawless skin).
  • If you can't forgo wearing eyeshadow, try a cream product that sets for optimum wear time. I am a fan of Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liners (€22.50), especially ‘RSVP’, a gorgeous rose shade.
  • And if you are trying to save some pennies, I also have much love for the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (€10.49). I recommend ‘Metallic Pomegranate’, a stunning burgundy.

Waterproof Makeup Revlon Benefit Maybelline

  • My holy grail eyeliner is, and always will be, Inglot’s AMC Eyeliner Gel (€15). It is a dream to apply and the best part is that it's 100% waterproof. It Will. Not. Budge. So much so that you can even wear it on your waterline all day and it won’t go anywhere. It's perfect for these torrential downpours, as well as the Arctic winds that make your eyes water even more so than they did watching Brendan O’Connor interview Pussy Riot.
  • One of my favourite mascaras is the MakeUp Forever Smoky Lash and they do a waterproof Aqua Smoky Lash version which is just calling my name. Big, bold lashes with lots of volume is what you get for this €22 price tag.
  • If you aren’t feeling so cash-flashy, however, so many of our favourite brands do waterproof versions that you can pick up in Boots for half that. I recommend the Max Factor 2000 Calorie Waterproof mascara (€10.99) if you are looking for defined, longer lashes with no dreaded panda eyes.

Waterproof Makeup Inglot Makeup Forever Max Factor

  • I was at an event during the summer introducing us to Cargo Cosmetics, now available in Debenhams. They proved their Water Resistant blush to us by pouring a glass of water over it and showing how it instantly returned to its original, powdery state. There are only three shades available but they are all stunning. And you get a lot of product for your €21 (they also do a Water Resistant Bronzer for an extra euro so you don’t need to forfeit glowy skin simply because it is raining).
  • Finally, we need something for our lips and I recommend Wet n Wild’s Megalast Lip Color (€2.99). The name alone suggests it is perfect for these conditions. These are comfortable to wear, look great on the lips and are really long lasting. If you are still worried that it may end up looking patchy or running down your face, opt for a more neutral shade or a tinted lip balm.

Waterproof Makeup Cargo Wet n Wild

Now all we need to work on are those soggy socks. Or an Ark.

So tell me, what are your top tips for getting to work with all of your makeup still on. And what are your favourite waterproof and longwearing products?

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