How to cheat bigger, fluffier brows

Bigger fluffier brows are something we're all lusting over this season. Well, for the past few seasons actually. We're here to show you how to cheat them, if you aren't blessed naturally.

Bigger fluffier brows are something many consider the holy grail of brows. Some of us are born with them, while others need a little helping hand. Of course, there are also the people (like me) who were born with them, and then tweezed them until they were just a distant memory. If you fall into that category, you'll know what it's like. Basically, we've been paying the price ever since, unfortunately.

So, how do you get bigger fluffier brows? A little makeup trickery goes a long way. Here are our tips on how to boost and fluff those brows so they'll give Cara Delevigne a run for her money.



Brow Mascara

Brow mascara is a must when it comes to creating bigger fluffier brows. Like lash mascara, the formula is designed to coat each hair, giving it added volume. This, in turn, helps to give a fuller, more defined appearance. Most of us simply brush up our brows when using a brow mascara. But there's a simple trick I learned which helps to boost their volume by more than twice as much.

All you have to do is first, brush down the hairs. This will coat the hairs in one direction. Next, brush up the hairs, grooming them into place. The double application will help to fuller cover even the tiniest hairs and also boost their volume.

Mini Brow Pens

If you need help filling in gaps or spaces in brows then nothing works as well as a mini brow pen. There are a number on the market from high street to luxe versions. Use these to draw in tiny hairs that look natural rather than for filling in larger spaces or shaping (for that, a pomade is fantastic).


There are our two top tips for creating bigger fluffier brows. Will you be giving them a go?

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