Blondes Have More Fun... And Earn More, Too. Hmph.

Blondes may have a rep for being ditsy and having more fun, but did you know that they also earn more than women with other hair colours?

Oh yes. According to the University of Queensland, blonde women earn an average of 7% more than their brunette, black haired ,or redheaded counterparts. In a survey of 13,000 women, the pay difference held firm even when variables like education, height or weight (or, presumably, cup size) were removed from the equation. (Makes me wish I hadn't insisted on a lowlights repair job after that recent highlighting debacle.)

No other hair colour had this effect.


Now, there's no real indication in the survey as to why this might be the case. Eh, which sort of leads me to suspect that the lads conducting it mostly just wanted to meet loads of Hot Blonde Chix.

Olga Uskova, president of the International Blondes Association (not a belated April Fools'. Really does exist) has her own theory, however. By her reckoning, "[Blondes] do better in the workplace because when we make a mistake we can say, 'Oh, sorry about that, it's because I'm blonde' and get away with it."

What do you reckon to all this?

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