Bobbi Brown Brightening Nudes Collection: Pictures

bobbi brown brightening nudes

This is a bit of a schneaky March launch for Bobbi Brown that landed on counter with very little fanfare. Very, very bridal appropriate, it only bleeped onto my radar when I was writing a piece for wedding mag Confetti. But for anyone who loves understated, shimmering colours with sparkly accents, it's going to hold their interest.

Also: check out that statement bling! I would like this, please.

So, what's in the collection?

bobbi brown sparkle eye shadow

Four limited edition Shimmering Eyeshadows are an ouch at €29.50. These sound so pretty: delivering a sheer finish, they contain shimmering pearls and glitter in a translucent base, apply and set for long lasting wear. Shades are Ballet, Silver Moon, Sunlight and Mica.


bobbi brown brightening lip gloss

Brightening Lip Gloss, €24, comes in three shades: Lilac Pearl, Pink Opal and Pink Lilac. They're limited.

bobbi brown shimmering nudes palette

And here's the star of the show: the Brightening Finishing Powder is €55. Get this: it's not limited edition, the shade is Brightening Nudes, so Beaut.ies, here's what I'm thinking: this is Bobbi's Shimmerbrick 2.0 and I think we might be seeing some more of these in future collections. Watch this space, and all that.

bobbi brown shimmering nudes


Another shot of the Brightening Finishing Powder and the last product in the edit is a gloss. This is a limited edition update of the clear gloss and it's Crystal Glitter Lip Gloss. You'll hand over €20 of your eurobux for it.

Like anything? Want anything? Won't be able to live without anything?

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