Bobbi Brown Goes Bright: Long Lasting Lip Colours With a Touch of Luxury

Be it a wedding or a holiday, August and September are full of occasions involving long days when you need your makeup to take you through lunch, dinner and a shimmy across the dance floor. I know we all love a smokey eye and nude lip but if it’s a long event, my best advice is to add a bit of colour to the lips if you dare.

My lip colour addiction is serious. I need it all. I want that amazing colour that instantly brightens you up, and the one that will withstand central heating and air conditioning. I am not, however, a fan of that twelve hour wear carry on - I find that you can never reapply as whatever is in those products have dried your lips out to the max.

Bobbi Brown has introduced new Rich Lip colours recently that have the wow factor in both categories of colour and comfort. See, I've been a fan of bright lip colours for years but can never seem to find that amazing colour that doesn’t give you that flakey look on your lips by lunchtime.

boobi lip Left to right: Bright Poppy, Blazing Red, Pop Pink, Ibiza Pink, Cosmic Pink, Electric Violet)

Now, some products might deliver fantastic bright colours but unfortunately don’t always deliver on quality. You know the ones - you wanted long wear but after an hour of wearing the vibrant coral or electric pink, your lips become shrivelled up like a prune and the lipstick gets relegated to the Drawer of Cosmetics That I Will Never Actually Wear Again.


What I like about these little beauties is that there is a quality feel to them, but more deliver more oomph than usual with their colour and coverage. They really are statement shades - the ones you might choose when you are going out and want to look photo fresh all night.

They glide on easy and are like a semi matte so they never look glossy or dry, a great in-between.


If these colours are far too adventurous for you, Bobbi has also introduced thirty new shades to the original Lip Color range. These ones are my ultimate favourite lipstick in all the land. I can’t fault this formula.

I use them in every wedding I apply makeup for - this original formula is creamy, non drying and non greasy, plus they moisturise with Vitamin E and beeswax. The difference between these ones and the Rich Lip colours is that they are ever so slightly less drying as they have a tiny bit less coverage.


Bobbi Browns new lip colours will set you back a hefty twenty six euros, but what I will say is they last ages as you rarely have to reapply. Whether you play it safe or go bright, there is something here to complement any skin tone (unlike the limited brown based shades Bobbi offered us in the past).

Have you tried these new addition to the Rich Lip and Lip Color ranges? Are you a fan of bright or neutral lips? And what is your go-to lipstick? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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