Bobbi Brown Tortoiseshell Collection For July 2011

We haven't seen a palette from the queen of 'em for a while and Bobbi Brown bops back on the beauty scene with two next month. The Tortoiseshell Collection "is Bobbi’s modern take on a classic look. Stunning shadows in shades ranging from bronze to gold to espresso are housed in gorgeous tortoiseshell compacts with gold detailing; one is for lighter skin and the other is best suited to darker complexions. To balance the look of the warmer tones on the eyes, cheeks and lips are dressed up in soft nudes."

There you are now. Lets get a look at that palette, shall we?

tortishell palette

This is the darker iteration, Bronze. At €57.50, you get eight shadow shades in Banana Eye Shadow, Gold Nugget Sparkle Eye Shadow (new), Amber Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow (new), Copper Cocoa Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow, Tiger Eye Metallic Eye Shadow, (new), Bronze Metallic Eye Shadow (new),  Olive Sparkle Eye Shadow (new) and Espresso Eye Shadow. Lots of new colours there to tempt a long-standing brand fan, eh?



The paler one - and the one most likely to suit you if you're of a wan complexion - is the Sand palette. Shades in that baby are Ivory Eye Shadow, Gold Bar Sparkle Eye Shadow (new),  Desert Sand Metallic Eye Shadow (new), Terracotta Eye Shadow (new), Antique Rose Eye Shadow (new),  Hot Stone Eye Shadow, Sandy Rose Metallic Eye Shadow  (new) and Black Chocolate Eye Shadow. Both are limited, so if you want 'em, you know the drill.

So, what've we got to go with the pair of eye treats?

lip treats

There are two limited edition Rich Lip Color SPF12 lipsticks to match. Soft Nude and Twig (above) are the shades and they're €22.50 each. New to the lineup are three High Shimmer Lip Glosses in Bare Sparkle, Beach and Citrus for €22.50 a pop.



Lastly, and a bit of a surprise for a summer launch, there's a brush kit. I'm sure the logic is it'll be a great travel companion and yum, I'd travel with it happily!  The Tortoiseshell Mini Brush Set, €60, is limited and contains four wee tools in a vintage-inspired slim-line clutch. You get a Mini Angle eye Shadow, Mini eye Sweep, Mini Blush and Mini ultra Fine eye Liner.

So, liking the look of anything from the Tortoiseshell Collection? Lets have a chat in the comments!

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