Body Lotion: Lavera Body SPA

laveraI must admit I'm pretty lazy when it comes to putting on body lotion - I always wear tights so it's a nightmare getting them on over moisturised legs. So I generally leave it until I'm slobbing round the house at the weekends and can throw my tracksuit bottoms on afterwards. And then the other thing about putting something on your skin that's going to stay there until your next shower is the chemical content. Recent reports stating that we all slather an estimated 200 chemicals on ourselves each morning are quite frankly, horrifying.

So I am trying to make an effort to minimise this and in an attempt to do so, I got myself some Lavera Body SPA lotion. I picked the milk and honey fragrance, which is yum yum. You can get it in lots of other fragrances like wild rose, citrus fruits, vanilla and vervian lemon among others. The milk and honey one I have smells gorgeous - quite lemony for some reason. As a body moisturiser it's lovely too - it definitely works and left my skin soft and sweet smelling. I'd use it again - and I intend to invest in some of the other lovely sounding fragrances.


In addition to being organic, the Lavera Body SPA lotion contains no artificial preservatives or chemicals and it's suitable for vegetarians too, which is another bonus. You can buy Lavera products from health shops nationwide, including the Health Store. You'll pay about €7-8 for it (though I bought mine in a set including shower gel, and it cost me about €17)

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