Body Lotion V Tights

espaIn the battle of body lotion versus tights, lotion always wins. Tights don't stand a chance against lotioned legs, and trying to put them on over be-creamed skin is a nightmare.

So I often totally eschew body moisturiser because of that, and you all know what that leads to, eh? Cracked, dry and scaly pins. Nice!

How and ever (sure you knew there'd be a how and ever, didn't you?), I have discovered something that could well put an end to all that. It's ESPA Body Silk Spray, and it's a dry oil that's non-sticky, non greasy and which is also lovely and moisturising.


AND, most importantly, you can pull your tights on straight after too! Mine cost me €40 from a spa I was in recently, but you can also buy from ESPA online for £23.

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