Bourjois Christmas 2011: Eye Pearls Palettes Are Incoming & We Have Pictures & Euro Prices

bourjois christmas visual

Next out of the bag for Bourjois is the Christmas collection, launching 30th November. Oh it's a sweetie - and coincidentally the palettes that form the biggest part of the collection happen to look like sweeties, so that's nice, isn't it? We've got four Eye Pearls Palettes for €12.49 and they're a new take on the existing Smokey Eye Trios by the looks of things.  There are also four of the amazingly gudgy-smudgy Effet Smoky pencils in a new Sparkling variety for €7.99.


bourjous eye pearls in revelation

This lovely is Eye Pearls in Revelation.

bourjois eye pearls in sublimation

And this is Sublimation.


bourjois eye pearls in illusion

Loving the look of Illusion.

bourjois eye pearls in creation

Or how about a little Creation?

bourjois effet smoky pencils for Christmas 2011

And these are the four pencils in, from the top down, Sparkling Emerald, Sparkling Mocha, Sparkling Navy and Sparkling Granite.


Anything catching your fancy?

Psst: in case you're interested, this collection re-promotes the amazeballs So Laque nail polish in Bleu Asphalte and the model is also wearing Sweet Kiss lipstick in Rose Innocence.

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