Bourjois Poudre de Java Illuminating Powder Would Convert The Most Matt-aholic To A Bit O' Shimmer

Bourjois is 150 years old this year. So in September they’re celebrating by re-releasing a cult product of theirs from 150 years ago. Poudre de Java Illuminating Face Powder first put Bourjois on the global beauty map, and I can see why. Check out the packaging from way back when.


It’s a lovely shimmery pinkish nude illuminating powder, and it’s got the same rose scent as the Little Pots of Colour. Appealing and all as this product is, I’ve always had a bit of a phobia when it comes to illuminators. As a general rule of thumb I just CANT WORK shimmery products, so I’m a very matte makeup person normally.

This powder would convert you though.


The packaging is a bit of a departure from the usual Bourjois. It comes in a retro mint-green pot, complete with Victorian swirls and curls, its really similar to the product's original packaging and I love it. It’s got a twistable dispenser, so you’re not going to end up with the worlds most beautifully illuminated handbag lining.


I’ve been using a dusting over my cheekbones, and on my brow bones. (A tip I picked up from this great tutorial, which helped me overcome my pathological fear of contouring.)

It never looks too shiny or sparky. It just picks up the light and casts a nice flattering glow, perking up the ole complexion. Magic! I bet it would be a winner on the décolletage as well, so I’ll be giving that a go the next time I’m wearing something low cut.

Its suitable for all skin tones and available from September for the princely sum of  €14.49. Well worth the price tag,

Will you be trying this bad boy? Does anyone have any amazing recommendations for illuminatin’ the nation?

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