Bourjois Queen Attitude Kôhl Kajal: takes a bit of practice, works best for a smudgey look

Unlike the Queen Attitude mascara, Kôhl Kajal was a bit of a novelty purchase for me. Based on the traditional Arabic eyeliner, I didn't think this cone of black pigment would be ideal for the fine lines and clean graphic style I usually like, but I've been intrigued by this type of liner for a while and at the introductory price of €6.99 (the regular price is €9.99) it was worth the chance to try something new.

The packaging  is seriously cute, with the jaunty little ribbon at the end of the lipstick-style case. The cone style of the kajal looks a little challenging to use, because once you've worn down the slim tip, how do you sharpen it to a fine point again? Apparently it shouldn't need sharpening if used as intended - it's supposed to be held sideways against the eyelid and if you only ever use it this way (rotating as you use it, I suppose), it will stay in the cone shape as it wears down.

Good texture
The texture is nice - soft, but not too soft, it glides on nicely. When applied lightly, the colour is a sort of smoky charcoal rather than a deep rich black, but you can apply more pressure or layer for a richer colour payoff. In the picture below, the upper line was applied with very little pressure (the smudging below it is down to the way I was holding the stick - you can get a cleaner line with it) and the lower line and heart were made with a bit more pressure applied.


Application the tricky way
There's a bit of a learning curve attached to using a product like this, for me at least. The traditional Arab method of application is to place the point on the lower inner rim of the eye, holding the stick sideways and then close the eye and gently draw along the lashline to apply colour to the upper and lower lids in one go. Which sounds pretty cool, but I wasn't skilled enough to manage that neatly on my few attempts.

Application the easier way
I've found my preferred way to use it is to apply above the upper lashes, very close to the lashline and then smudge gently into the lashes (you can use a brush but I also use my fingertip when in a hurry). The colour is soft enough that there's enough time to smudge it after applying, but I still find it wears well and lasts the day without disappearing. It's not really the product I'd go to for a very clean look or strong line (I prefer liquid or gel liner for that), but it is ideal for a smudgy or smoky eye and the colour intensity is good if you want to be sure you won't overdo it on the first application and end up with panda eyes.

To remove it I've found I need an oily eye makeup remover. With my usual gentle eye makeup remover I need to rub at my eye a good bit to really get the pigment off, so something that works on waterproof makeup is probably best.

Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal probably isn't going to be an everyday product for me, but for the price I'm pretty pleased with it and I'm enjoying playing around with something new. If you've tried this or other kajal-style liners, how do you like them? Let us know in a comment!

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