Brand New essence For Eyes: Go Crazy On The Cheap With Metal Glam Eyeshadows, Crystal Eyeliner, Mascaras

Essence’s ridiculously affordable prices mean the range is great for experimenting with and recreating catwalk looks - and the fact that they're cheap is not the only reason to buy.  A lot of the products are actually very good too and in particular the mascaras and liquid eyeliners are definitely worth checking out.

For September, the brand is launching loads of shade additions and some brand new launches to boot.

Eyes score with the new Metal Glam Eye shadows (€3.09).  As we know, metallics are a big trend this season and for three quid, sure you may as well give it a go! There are eight shades including a silver-white, gold, turquoise, brown and black. There's also a new Mono Eye Shadow (€1.99) shade: a bright bronze.


There's a new liner, Stays No Matter What Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (€3.09) available in black

Three new mascaras attend to your lash needs

  • Get Big! Lashes Triple Black Mascara (€2.89), has a big fibre brush and a carbon black texture,
  • Lash Mania Reloaded Mascara (€3.49), which has a bendy elastomer brush with a 'star shaped' arrangement to help grip and push up lashes.
  • The stand out has to be the slightly odd Lashes Go Wild Mascara, in a TUBE (€3.09). Yep, it's a squishy, toothpaste-like tube of mascara and the wand is made up of five ball shapes, which apparently gives extra volume.


Aaaannnnd also for eyes, there's the Kajal Pencil (€1.29) in fuchsia pink, if you're feeling brave, a new 2in1 Kajal pencil (€1.89) in purple and grey, PLUS a new I Love Smokey Jumbo Eye Pencil (€2.49) which comes in a soft, nicely smudgable black


To finish off the eye collection the new gel-based Crystal Eyeliners (€2.89) are available in five sparkling shades.

essence crystal eyeliners

Phew!  I'm exhausted now.  But that's not all essence have for us this season.  No there's lots more for lips, nails and cheeks and I'll be showing them to you a bit later.


You could afford lots of this collection from the spare change in the bottom of your bag - so what do you think?  Will you pick some of this up or have you gotten your paws on some of it already?

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