The only three beauty products a bride needs in her tiny bridal handbag

The top three beauty products brides can get their bridesmaids to carry around all day

Getting married is probably one of the most exciting times of your life (or at least it should be) and there is nothing more important than being prepared on the day. Your face is in every photo, after all. Your makeup artist can create a stunning look for you, but it's a long day and there are certain beauty products you might just need to make sure your day and your face stay flawless.

Here are three essential beauty products for all brides to be.

A Long Lasting Lipstick

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Once it's a long lasting formula with a matte or semi-matte finish, you will get a lot longer out of your lip colour. The day is long and with all that drinking, eating and talking, your lips will need to be topped up at some stage. Check out our new friend, Romantic Bear WOW lip peel.


Blot Powder or Paper


Even if your makeup looks practically airbrushed, you will need a pressed powder to blot the oil or fix any blemishes or disasters. Like when your over-zealous uncle grabs you in delight and half your face ends up on his shoulder. This version from Shiseido does the job, and the packaging is elegant and neat. 

A New Fragrance in Mini Form



We subconsciously link memory to smells. So choosing a brand new fragrance is a must have. Bring along a tiny version (a sample, for example) for your bridal handbag. That way you can easily top it up throughout the day and you will have a scent that will forever remind you of your wedding day.

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