Brown Eyed Girl: Top Five Eyeshadows To Enhance Brown Eyes. Mac, Inglot, Wet n Wild, Urban Decay, Max Factor

After revealing my secrets on how I make my green eyes pop and then telling blue eyed girls how to do the same, I thought I would finish this series of posts by helping brown eyed girls (sha la la la la la...) with their colour choices.

Now, to be perfectly honest, brown is a neutral colour and so pretty much all shades will go. If you have a touch of green that you want to enhance, follow my tips for green eyes but if you have full on big browns, then I'm going to share with you some of my favourite colours to enhance those bambi eyes.

Brown Eyed Girls: Leighton Meester, Eva Longoria (Images courtesy of Getty) Brown Eyed Girls: Leighton Meester, Eva Longoria (Images courtesy of Getty)

Purple is a universally flattering shade and I feel that, next to neutrals, it is the easiest one to pull off. You can dip your toe in the colour palette with a dark plum liner along the waterline, or you can go full on lavender-to-deep purple gradient eyeshadow.

Purples generally work on all eye colours and with all hair/skin tones and it may just be a case of trying different shades and tones until you find one that is right for you. There are a huge spectrum of purples available and they can be warmer (more pink) or cooler (more blue).

I recommend trying both as they can create two completely different looks depending on whether they are contrasting with your eyes or co-ordinating with them.

Mac, Inglot, Wet n Wild Mac, Inglot, Wet n Wild

Some of my favourites include Mac's 'Fig 1' (a gorgeously warm matte plum), Inglot's 491DS (a cool-toned dark purple with a hint of glitter) and Wet n Wild's 'Petal Pusher' Palette.


And if purple ain't your thing, blues can also look amazing on brown eyes.  Blue is a cool tone, it contrasts with warm browns and that can really make them stand out.

Now, I know that blues can be hard to pull off without looking like an 80s throwback. And even though I can be quite experimental with makeup, wearing blues can make me feel self conscious so instead I like to rock it as an eyeliner (winged or on the waterline), or as an eyeshadow run underneath the lower lashes for just a hint of colour.

Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Chaos Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Chaos

Try Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in 'Ultraviolet' which is the most stunning royal blue, Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner in either 'Cobalt Ink' or 'Denim Ink' or Urban Decay's Eyeshadow in 'Chaos' for a bright hit of cobalt.

My other favourite look for brown eyes is anything intensely dark - especially a black or deep brown smokey eye. It can make the irises look even darker and nothing smoulders better.

The best black eyeshadow I have ever used is Inglot's '63 AMC' but if you are too afraid of using black eyeshadow in case it makes your eyes look smaller, try smudging Max Factor's Liquid Effect Pencil in 'Black Fire' along your upper and lower lashlines for a grungey smokey eye.

And if you still aren't a fan of black near your eyes, try the same with Mac's 'Teddy' pencil instead.

Inglot, Max Factor, Mac Inglot, Max Factor, Mac

What do you think? Are you the proud owner of a pair of brown eyes? What is your favourite colour to wear on them? And all together now, sha la la la la….

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