Grumble & Grumble

bumble and bumbleWe're on a bit of a Bumble & Bumble trip these days - Aphrodite blogged about their tonic lotion recently, and I've been using defrizz to tame my barnet.

It's a serumy sort of gloop that you put through damp hair and it slicks down the cuticles of your hair, making it smooth and glossy and humidity proof. And yep, it works.

But people, if you buy it (at Peter Mark salons or online at hqhair for €27.50), BEWARE! This stuff is a sticky, godawful, GREASY nightmare if it gets on anything that is not hair. I mustn't have closed it properly the last time I used it when I was abroad, and when I got back, my beautiful Kath Kidston wash bag plus all my stuff like perfume, my REN showergel, my fancy moisturiser and all my makeup was covered in thick, oily sludge.

And it refused to come off. I washed everything in the bathroom sink, the grease persisted. I put it all in the bath, the grease persisted. So then I had sticky, greasy products and sanitary ware.

I tried to wipe it all off with face wipes and guess what? Yeah. Yeah, the grease persisted. The Kath Kidston bag had to be boil washed - and it's still gross.


I ended up throwing out my perfume and most of my nice products because I just couldn't get the crap off them.

This stuff should come with a hazard sign.


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