Dear Bumble and bumble: an Ode

creme de coco

Oh Bumble and bumble, how I love thee
for you so suit my hair, down to a tee
your creamy Creme de Coco
why, it sends my barnet loco

(but in a good way)

and even though you're a bit hard on my phoca (work with me here, girls)
I'm happy to splurge
and to the rest of you, I urge:
if you've got dry stressed hair, this masque
will make managing it seem like no task
and instead, in the soft shine of your hair you'll bask



Phew. Ok, enough with the crap rhyming Junior Cert poetry. Basically, this is very very good indeed if your hair is a bit frizzy or prone to dryness.  Smoothe a big dollop through damp hair, leave it on for as long as you like, basically, wash out and hey presto! Tamed frizz and coconutty-smelling sleek locks. Sold.

Buy at Peter Mark salons for  about €25, or from the bauld hqhair.

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