Burning Beaut.ie Questions: What Liner Brush do You Prefer?


Who ever said we never discussed matters of vital importance, eh?

In Tuesday's post on Elf Studio Cream liner, in which I mentioned I used a Make Up For Ever lip brush to get the perfect flick, fifibelle said, "that’s a great tip about the lip brush, Kirstie, would any kind of lip brush do for this or is it just the Make Up For Ever one that works?"

So, here's the answer - the MUFE brush is good for this because it has a really small head and lip brushes in general don't - they tend to be too big for eyes, but this one, 3p, is weeny - you can see it there second from left. It also reminds me of a couple of other similarly-shaped liner brushes I own from Lancome and Bobbi Brown, so that's why I picked it.


It's personal choice really, and that got me thinking about the best type of brush for liner - is it an angled brush? Or perhaps you prefer a small, firm brush with a tapered tip? Maybe a more classic liner brush with a fine, paint brush-style head is what you go for?

Me? Out of preference it's the tapered tip, but I can get down with the classic type too, like that Stila one on there on the left. It's angled ones I don't like for liner at all - I just can't get on with them.

What about you? Got a favourite - leave us a comment and lets get chatting.

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