Caffeine Tights

Over at Tightsplease I've noticed an interesting new product - Palmers caffeine tights. Apparently these tights can reduce cellulite and are getting rave reviews. This is how it works: body heat releases caffeine microcapsules into the leg, increasing its metabolism rate and the burning of fat. This can reduce the circumference of thighs, cellulite and the 'orange peel' effect.

There's been quite a few products lately touting caffeine as a cellulite shifter, and we all know that models rub coffee grounds into their thighs to keep them smooth and slim. This tights idea just sounds mad enough, with that little hint of science, to make me think, yeah go on then, I'll give you a try caffeine tights! I'm always on the lookout for a quick fix!


I'll let you know my verdict in the fullness of time.
Have a browse at tightsplease and see what you think! By the way, they also do all manner of magic knickers and other wonderous garments (without which most women would not fit into their dresses at weddings or Christmas parties). Thank God for magic knickers! And maybe for caffeine tights?

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