Can Full, Dense Lashes be a Reality with Eye Lash Serums?

Is there anything Vaseline can't do? Or rather can it really do everything that the Old Wives tell us it can? Specifically for this post, does it encourage eyelash and eyebrow growth?

That, my dears, is the question.

I've tried it on my brows and I kinda, maybe, think it does but I can't be totally sure because that was during my teenage years and I duly plucked them all out. Except for, of course, one tiny line. But lash and brow sparsity is an issue for some people who would love for Vaseline to work.

My lashes are not particularly sparse but as you get older they do get weaker and they also weaken if, like me, you use curlers regularly and wear mascara every day. Eyelashes are delicate little things and god love them, extensions and false lashes can rip them asunder. Something needs to be done to protect them!

New for Autumn / Winter 2015, Shiseido are releasing a Full Lash serum that is promising what all other lash serums promise: denser, longer looking lashes. The concept is one that puzzles me. Surely if you can encourage eye lash and brow growth with these types of serums you can use them to restore hair elsewhere, like on your head?



Anyway, I've tried Shiseido's version and it's too early to tell if my lashes really will look fuller but I do prefer the application to other lash serums I've used. Because even though the concept puzzles me, I'm willing to give them a try.

The applicator is lip gloss-like with a flocked tip and it's a good one. It's easy to get to the base of the lashes and I'm not afraid that I'm going to get the product in my eye which I'm usually likely to do. Shiseido's Full Lash serum's special ingredient is Arginine, which conditions and has restoring qualities.

I once tried a lash serum and the applicator was a bit scary, long and thin, like a very fine eyeliner brush. Of course that would suit some people, especially people who are adept at applying eyeliner with this type of brush, but I kept on poking myself in the eye so I stopped using it.

I believe that lash serums are designed to be part of your skincare regime rather than your cosmetic one. You apply the serum twice a day where it's needed and hope that Bambi lashes will soon be yours after oh, two months or so.

So, have you used Vaseline to increase hair growth and has it worked? Or do you need something more expensive to get those little lashes to sprout? Shiseido Full Lash Serum won't hit shelves until later this year and will cost around €29.


Do you have sparce lashes or wispy brows? Have you tried anything to combat it? Serums for lashes is quite specific; are there any other little areas that should have products targeted especially for that area?

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