Cat Flick Fiesta: Three Great Gel Eyeliners - Bobbi Brown, Maybelline, Mac. Miaow!

As I've been beavering away at, taking selfies at my desk (it's work, I tell you, WORK!) to include in other reviews, a few people have come back to ask about my eye-liner.

Almost never without it, I've become quite the devout fan of Mac's Fluidline cake gel eyeliner over the last number of years. Contrary to popular belief, I find this FAR easier to apply and control than grappling with smudgy, blunt pencil liners or dribbly liquid liners.


While I do prefer a more natural look overall, I just don't feel like a functioning human being until I've applied a slick of this wonder stuff across my lids. For day time I try my best to keep it as thin as possible just for a bit of definition (although if you mess it up, it's easier to just go thicker than start all over again) while at night, when I'll more than likely be pairing it with dark, smokey shadow, I tend to go hell for leather, sexy cat-flick 'n all.

For me, there's no major trick to getting this right; it just takes practice and getting to know the shape of your own eye. It's all about the product and the quality of the brush. I prefer to use an ultra fine liner brush (photographed below) more so than an angled brush, but of course, whatever works for you.


And here is my top tip - finishing the line off can be quite tricky, so I always find it's easier to start from the outer corner of your lash-line and work in towards the middle, rather than dragging it outwards. And make sure not to gather too much product on the brush; just twirl it off the side of the pot until the brush is nicely coated (removing an enormous blob of eyeliner from fresh foundation is NOT fun, let me tell you).

If you fancy adding a cake gel eyeliner to your collection, here we take a quick fire-round look at three of the best.

  • An award winner

Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner.

  • €22.50
  • Water resistant
  • Won't smear or fade
  • Comes in 14 shades from Violet Ink to Black Mauve Shimmer


  • A budget buy:

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

  • €11.99
  • Oil free
  • Waterproof for up to 24 hours
  • Safe for sensitive eyes
  • Four shades - Blackest Black, Charcoal, Brown and Eggplant


  • My all time favourite:

Mac Fluidline cake gel eyeliner.

  • €18.00
  • Easy application
  • Extremely long lasting
  • Water and tear resistant
  • Silky finish
  • Long lasting (in that you'll get a few months out of the one small tub)
  • Nine shades available


Are you a liner devotee? What is your go-to product? And what do you think of our three picks?

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