Could this change going blonde as we know it?

Blonde hair is possibly the most difficult to keep up when you are a natural brunette. But the final result always entices you to come back for more.


Having been every colour hair type under the sun, I've always had a soft (if somewhat brittle) spot for blonde hair. The problem lay in keeping it looking healthy. I have a lot of hair but it's quite fine. And with all that much bleach, it always eventually ends up in terrible condition. Despite the amounts of expensive treatments and conditioners I use, it never looks as shiny and healthy as I want it to.

Another blonde-y drawback is the amount of time in takes each time you go to the hairdresser. When your life is too busy to spend three hours in the hairdresser, it can be a challenge to keep your hair looking good.

But have you heard about the latest technique in bleaching hair?




What is this new technique?

It seems to be a heated device that is supposed to speed up going from dark brown to light blond in a matter of seconds and without damaging the hair.

The process is done by your hairdresser and she applies a special lightening cream (only to be used with this wand). The highlights are then brushed on as normal and covered in tin foil. However, instead of sitting around for and hour for it to lighten, the stylist used the wand over it which speeds up the bleaching process. And the colour isn't sitting on the hair for long enough to damage it which is supposed to help keep it in a healthy condition.


I for one am intrigued to see this launch this October, are you? Or are you sick of the damage that going blonde does to your hair?

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