Cheap(er) Cosmetics #4: Barbara Daly for Tesco Eyeliner

Beauty editors constantly rave about Barbara Daly's makeup line for Tesco, so the last time I was there I took a good look at what was on offer. The range is decent, as well as being decently priced. You'll pay in and around the same for Barbara Daly products as you would for other supermarket brands like Rimmel and Maybelline.

I've seen her eyeshadow primer rate really highly against brands such as Too Faced, Elizabeth Arden and Urban Decay, which is a great recommendation for the quality of the stuff. They didn't have any of that particular product the day I was in, so I had a look at the liquid liners and picked out one in a really nice teal shade. Unfortunately I can't find any photos or information on this range on-line, so in your heads you will have to imagine a small, teal shaped container with a black lid. Right, now you've got it.


How was it? Well, what can you really say about liquid liner? It was good though! Better actually than the Rimmel one I tried a few weeks ago - it's easier to apply for starters and sweeps on more fluidly without looking jagged. The formulation itself is a bit more elastic I think - it has good staying power and doesn't flake after a few hours. The intensity of the colour is good too, and it comes off easily as well. All that for about €6? Bargain!

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