Clinique Revolutionise the Counter Experience at Debenhams


A common gripe about counter assistants in department stores is that they're often not properly trained to advise you on your skincare. It depends of course on the counter, on the staff and on how busy the counter is when you go in, and some brands have a better rep than others. Clinique have always had really helpful staff when I've visited - not to mention being generous with the samples - but they've now gone one better at their counter in Debenhams on Henry Street, Dublin.

They've launched a new Consultant Accreditation programme, where counter assistants receive a higher level of education. That makes your experience even better, because the Clinique Consultants and counters now have tools and knowledge to help you buy products that are right for you.

They've made other improvements too - the counters have been redesigned into a “Diagnostic Centre”, with all products at eye level. The good auld Clinique Computer is still in evidence but it's been joined by a new - and genuinely useful - tool, the Clinique Diagnostic Mirror.


Originally used in the private practice of Dr Norman Orentreich, Clinique’s original guiding dermatologist, the mirror allowed him to better see his patient’s skin and in turn, show the client her key concerns such as oiliness, dryness, enlarged pores, lines, discolouration and breakouts. Now, Clinique Consultants are being educated to replicate this when they talk to you so that they can provide a deeper understanding of your unique concerns and custom-fit solutions.

This is ideal if you'd like to know a bit more about your skin type. Most women mis-diagnose their skin and consequently use the wrong things on it, so getting a free consultation is a brilliant way of finding out what's right for you. You will need to make an appointment; phone the store on 01 872 8028 and ask for the counter.

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