Club Tropicana - Mac Fashion Sets Neon Orange Lipstick & Ablaze Eyeshadow Review

Brace yourself ladies; orange is coming for you.

I’ve been seeing it EVERYWHERE recently, and I just invested in my first ever orange piece of clothing - a very fetching life-jacket orange sweatshirt from Zara. (I haven’t worn it outside yet, obviously.)


After the epic winter we’ve all just experienced orange is a nice zingy antidote to depressing grey. I’ve been rocking blood- orange nails recently (that lovely shade where you have to look twice to check it’s not red) and it’s high time I got some into my make-up bag!

Mac Ablaze Fashion Set


Now I’m a HUGE lipstick fan, I genuinely believe there’s a life changing power to a great lippy. Plus it’s such a quick and easy way to look polished and made up. So when I clapped eyes on Mac’s Neon Orange shade I thought great! A nice punchy orange lip, bit of liquid eyeliner and job done!

Neon Orange looks exactly like it sounds, it’s not so terribly orange that your eyes hurt, but it’s getting there. It goes on sheeny (crucially) but not shiny (nightmare) and stays put really well. Expect nothing less from a Mac lipstick, this is a great way to get some orange in your life.


Mac’s orange eyeshadow, Ablaze, however, filled me with trepidation. It’s a more coral-y orange, and there’s something scary/Hyacinth Bucket about coral makeup. HOWEVER I gave it a try; it blended really well with my usual eyeshadow and I wore it WITH the lipstick. Then I really went crazy and LEFT THE HOUSE!

What does everyone think, am I mildly deranged getting so into orange? And will I ever wear my new sweatshirt outside my bedroom?


Mac Fashion Sets will be available in May

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