Confession Booth: I Keep Forgetting to Use SPF ...

I am the worst beauty evangelist 4EVAH: I'm always preaching about the importance of SPF and er, I have to admit that I haven't bothered my arse to use a separate one in, oh, about two months now. This is my absolute worst guilty secret beauty sin, much worse indeed than all those nights I fall into bed after a whine too many, slap completely intact.

Ok, so while my bottle of La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ is sad and lonely it's not all as bad as it sounds: my makeup has an SPF of 15. But I still feel ze terrible guilt that I'm not fifty-plussing my noggin on a daily basis. Never mind now that I rarely get out of the office/flat during the day and my only exposure to the air comes in dim mornings and dark evenings. It still niggles.

I'm also still peeling polish off my nails, causing my brows to bleed by jamming my (needle fine) tweezers into hair follicles to remove nano-particle-sized hairs and oh, probably about a zillion other bad things too.


And here - I know I am not alone. Confess all, Beaut.ies! To the comments and unload the burdens of your beauty sins!

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