Congrats Leaving Certers! How to do a fab eye look if you're going out tonight

Anyone who did the Leaving Cert this year will hear the question "are you happy?" about a thousand times before the day is out. But no matter what your results are or what you plan to do now, the Leaving Cert 16 is over, and you deserve to celebrate.

My Leaving Cert results night was in a tiny 'nightclub' in a North Galway village. 'Twas great fun, so it was. No really, it was. My friends - who were varying levels of happy with their results - and I were just so relieved to have done it; that weight lifted off our sunburnt shoulders felt physical. Class of '16, go out, enjoy yourselves, hang out with classmates you will rarely meet again, and drink responsibly! You want this to be a night to remember.

Here's a handy tutorial for a soft smokey eye. Once the eye makeup is perfect, you don't have to worry about anything else.


How are you going to celebrate tonight?

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