How to apply cream blusher for a natural flush

Cream blusher can be a friend or foe. We've got the easy guide to applying it for a natural flush.

Cream blusher is a product that a lot of people tend to shy away from. And we totally understand why. In saying that, though, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to create a glowing complexion. Which means it's well worth investigating. Let's face it, we could all do with a little skin pick-me-up during January, can't we?

There are a number of different reasons why someone might not like to use cream blusher. It could be because of a bad Aunt Sally type experience in the past, or not quite being able to get a grip on the texture. Maybe it's because you're not sure when (or at what stage of your makeup) to apply it for the right finish?

Here's our easy guide to mastering cream blusher once and for all.

Choosing a shade

If you're a blusher kinda gal then you'll already know whether you like a pop of pink, coral, peach or berry for your cheeks. If you're not, then the selection of cream shades might seem a bit daunting.


For a hint of colour rather than a full-on flush I always like to opt for a gentle shade such as apricot. One of my all time favourites is 'Beam' Cloud Paint from Glossier. I've used it on so many different complexions and it always looks fresh, naturally lifting and highlighting skin.

When to apply it

Cream blusher works best when applied on top of cream or liquid products (ie your foundation/concealer) before powdering. Usually what I'd recommend is to apply it just after you've done your base, before working on your eye makeup. With it already applied, there's time for it to settle on skin and also for you to judge how much or little other makeup to wear.

For a really dewy complexion, there's no need to powder over the blush once applied. But if you've found in the past that it can rub off or separate your foundation then add a light dusting of powder to set it. There will still be a glow, just without the shine.



There are a number of different ways to apply cream blusher. If you're good with brushes, a duo fibre brush is always a great option for applying cream formulas. Lightly swirl it over cheeks to build up colour. Alternatively, if you prefer working with your hands, tap on the colour using your ring finger. If you make a mistake or blend it out too much, just use a touch of foundation on top to tone down the colour.

Will you be rocking cream blush this season? Or do you prefer powder formulas?

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