Damn And Bless You, Benefit...


I'm a great one for slicing open tubes of product to get at the last drop of a lotion or potion. It's the green option, innit, to not be wasteful, considering the dredges that are often left behind even when it seems every last drop has been squez out (hell-o, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm!) And, well, I'm inclined to let myself almost run out of stuff before it occurs to me to replenish supplies: cue mad scrabbling in the bottoms of pots to desperatedly scrape out the last bit of a favourite moisturiser/foundation/whateva.

So I was by turns very impressed and utterly disgusted when I cracked open my Pritt Stick-shaped tube of Benefit's That Gal brightening primer to discover that the stuff is so cleverly dispensed via the twist-up mechanism, there's absolutely no waste or excess. When it's gone, it's gone, my friends. So kudos to Benefit for product packaging that really gives its money's worth.


And curses on them in the same breath! It was a flippin' awful shock to the system to discover that there was no secret stash to see me through to my next fix...

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