Dermalogica speed mapping: are they having a laugh?

Do you remember the days when Dermalogica really fancied the pants off themselves and insisted that their products could only be purchased when "prescribed" by a qualified beautician.

Their trademark Face Mapping was practically a state secret and everything was kept shrouded in as much smoke and mirrors as possible.

Of course this was all to protect the exclusivity of the brand - and protect the profits of the salons who sold the product.


But as online cosmetic purchasing went stellar, Dermalogica realised that most people were simply bypassing the salon altogether and - shock - prescribing for themselves. We were prescibing Pre Cleanse for ourselves, we were talking about double cleansing , we named the Dermalogica Power Recovery Mask as one of our favourite products ever, and most importantly we'd figured out that it was oh so cheap to buy Dermalogica online.

So, like the Catholic Church abolishing Limbo, Dermalogica decided that "ah feck it no one's using that old Face Mapping any more. Let's just make up an online quiz with one question.  We'll  call it Speed Mapping and ask insightful questions like "Do you have oily skin? And when you say yes we can recommend all our oily skin products. And if you say no we don't recommend anything.   You'll have to figure it our for yourself.  And then everyone can buy directly from us online and we'll make more money!"

Another great diagnostic tool there eh. Nearly as good as the Clinique Computer I think.

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