Dlux Vitamin D spray - walking on sunshine: and don't it feel good


Sun protection is something we're always banging on about.  The triumph of La Roche Posay Anthelios 50+ at this years Beaut.ie Awards showed that the sun protection message is getting through and that's brilliant (click here to see what else made the cut in this category).

However.  We need a couple of hours of unprotected sun exposure every week for our bodies to make enough Vitamin D to keep us healthy.  Vitamin D plays an important part in heart, immune system and mood regulation - it's a huge player in the bone health of the body and without it calcium cannot be properly utilised.


All this sun protection coupled with our cloudy sun free winters means that we may not be getting enough Vitamin D.  So when I was sent this vitamin D spray I knew it would be something that lots of us would be keen to know about.  Tasting like sugar free Polos (there's a strong bang of saccarine, but it's not unpleasant) one spray of this into the gob once a day is enough to provide all of our Vitamin D needs.

Easy you see.  That's what I like.  What about you - is this something you'd be interested in?

Available from pharmacies nationwide;  Price €7.95

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