Do You Prefer Loose Pigment or Pressed Powder Shadows?


When it comes to powder eye shadow, you've got a couple of choices: pressed or loose tend to be the offerings of choice and while you get variation within that (creamy pressed shadows vs chalky matte ones), most of us tend to favour one over the other.

Me? In general I like my shadows pressed in a pan, thanks very much. I do own a fair few pigments and loose powders but to be honest they don't get as much love. This is in essence why I'm no fan of mineral makeup - it's so bloody messy and I'm an untidy mare at the best of times. I don't need to add to it!

Pigment is harder to work with than pressed shadow but the other side of that is you can get some amazing shades and finishes from indie brands, often at very little cost because they allow you to buy small sample bags.  Fyrinnae and Shiro Cosmetics are just two under-the-radar online brands making some really exciting, affordable products - check 'em out if you're feeling a little same-old same-old about pharmacy and department store brands.


That's by the by: today's Question of Vital Importance is the one above: where do you stand, ladies. Loose or pressed, and why?

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