Burning Beaut.ie Questions: Do You Use Your Hand as a Mixing Palette?

hand palette

From watching makeup artists at work and how controlled and precise they are with what they put on the face, I picked up the habit several years ago of tapping product onto my hand first and using it as my palette*.

I pump foundation onto the back of my hand before it hits my face and swoosh my brush (or fingers) through it first, I tap off excess powder onto it, I tip loose pigment here before it ever gets onto a brush and I always dispense creams and primer onto my paw so I can easily control how much I'm using.

Bonus - you never run out of hand so it's a continuously renewable palette source and applying product here first does help you control what you're using and helps avoid clown face results. I do it now automatically, and never really notice that I'm doing it any more. In fact, the reason for this post is that over the weekend I was away with terrible bathroom lighting so had to do my makeup under the main room mirror.


Himself was wondering as to why I was putting things on my hand first, I explained, and then reckoned some of you might be interested to know about it as well. So tell me in a comment, do you do this too when you're making up your face? Or how do you go about applying your makeup for a night out?

*yes, I wash it before I leave the house, worry not

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