Don't Have Time To Groom Your Brows? Try This Tip!

Since mere months ago I've become obsessed with groomed brows. I always notice them on other people - people I pass on the street, people on TV, just, everyone. 

I like how there are so many shapes and sizes and ways of styling brows and it astonishes me how much your brows can change your face - for better or worse. 

Brow grooming has been wasting my time, however. I find it so hard to get up and at 'em during the dark winter months and the time I dedicate to doing my face in the morning has slacked off. Well, to be it bluntly I have slacked off. 

Filling my brows in the way Laura taught us a few months ago has been making me three minutes late for work every day. I can't just leave them though. I just can't! Luckily, I've come across this 30 second trick that has made me right on time this last few days.

It's so simple. All you do is:

  • Start with a bare brow (obvs)

bare 1

  • Draw a line along the top of your brow with a slanted brow brush and powder brow liner

line 1

  • Brush it in with a brow brush
  • Smooth it out with same brow brush

full 1

  • Ta-da!

I used the Catrice brow kit, which I love, and I know many of our loyal readers do too! It's important to use a powder brow liner because a pencil just won't blend. This is meant to be a time saver!

This trick is great for those on borrowed time and people with wispy brows and it's particularly good for people (like me at the moment!) who are growing their brows out. Those fine little hairs under the shape of the brow keep catching my brow powder and turning me into a friendly, bushy browed grandpa.

Do you have any time saving tricks? Do share! We'd love an extra five minutes in bed in the morning...



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