Don't it turn my blue eyes brown: Latisse could change eye colour permanently

We were all excited about the arrival of Latisse the miracle eyelash growing product into the Irish market and told you all about how it was beginning to roll out in Ireland in Jan 09.

But it never happened. Despite being FDA approved there's been all sorts of problems associated with Latisse and its regulation here.

Latisse is derived from a glaucoma medication, Lumigen, which is much stronger than Latisse and designed to go into the eye rather than around it (i.e. on the lashes). Lumigen has a rather nasty side effect - it can change the colour of the iris and darken it permanently. Increasing the amount of brown pigmentation in the pupil it has turned blue eyes brown.


This is also one of the possible side effects of Latisse. Eek! And you thought David Bowie looked weird.

So still think those longer lashes are worth it? Or would you rather stick to falsies?

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