Save or splurge: Bronzers that give the perfect sun-kissed glow

Summer is coming, and looking out the window this morning is actually giving me sunny hope that soon we will be changing our makeup looks to amp up our summer glow. A good bronzer is the first thing on the list to get the ball rolling, so in my opinion, there is no better time to talk which one's, what price points and where to purchase them.

A good bronzer is the first thing on the list to get the ball rolling and there is no better time to talk bronzing beauties and price points.

And that's why I thought this would make a perfect dupe piece. Often we use bronzers only in certain months of the year, and considering powder products last so long, is it worth our while investing in an expensive one or should we just buy a dupe to get us through the summer?


  • Bobbi Brown- Brown Bronzer €37




This really is a beautiful bronzer to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. I always love a matte bronzer, especially considering I have quite an oily skin. Now, don't get me wrong I do love shimmer, but only when it's strategically placed.



And with equal love, I present to you this week's money saver.


  • The Body Shop- Honey Bronzer €21.95




Enriched with honey to ensure the hydration is kept in the skin, this product gives a matte sunkissed glow. I rate both products bt if you are on a strict budget, you might just want to pocket that €15 price differential.


What do you reckon, time to kick start your summer glow?



What's your "go-to" summer bronzer? And are you a shimmer or matte girl?

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