The contour stick dupe that will save you over €30

Contour sticks seem to be the new and exciting format taking the internet by storm. I'm sure you have seen all the photos of Instagrammers drawing lines all over their faces before blending the product out to create a perfectly contoured face. They make it look so easy!

The pencils, however interesting looking, look daunting especially for those who don't have artistic tendencies, so in this week's dupe, I wanted to find you a way of trying them out for size without having to submit a hefty sum. That way you won't be adding to your endlessly growing makeup drawer full of expensive products you don't ever use because you can't remember how. We have all been there.

  • The investment: Smashbox Step by Step Contouring Stick Trio €38 




Precision is the key with these beauties; the ultra-blendable, creamy sticks glide effortlessly onto skin for the perfect contouring result.

  • The dupe: P.S. Contour Crayons €3.50




This trio is more or less the same in colour tone than Smashbox and is a great place to start your contour pencil journey, so if you take to it like a duck to water, you can always upgrade to Smashbox. But always remember, cheap products are cheap for a reason.

In my opinion, when you are starting to contour, powder products are a lot easier to manage and look a lot more natural. Once you have mastered those, you can always try the cream based products.


However, at €3.50, it would almost be rude not to at least give it a go.

Have you ever had any contouring disasters you want to share with us? We won't judge.

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