Easy fake blow-dry technique for when you're too tired to care

This fake blow-dry technique will make it look like you went to made a big effort when it took less than 20 minutes.

Yes, you do have to do it all over again. We're in the middle of Christmas week and the party shows so sign of stoppin'. To be perfectly honest, we are all for it! There's no better time of year to catch up with everyone you know. I know people who 'don't like Christmas' but fully embrace the social side of it - because that's half of what it's all about! Presents are great, Santy is a lovely tradition for the kids and it's an important time if you're Christian and religious. But the message of Christmas is to be kind, give and be merry with your friends.

So, yes, we're in the middle of Christmas week and even though it's a real effort to get out of our pyjamas and even brush out hair, you know you have to make an effort. The last time you saw some people this time of year was this time last year and you have to look better than you did then. You won't be able to get a blow-dry appointment (and, chances are the finances won't allow it), so instead, do this lazy gal hair trick we always do in situations like this.

What you need

A curling tongs

Straightener (optional)





Volumising powder

What to do

Wash your hair and rough dry it till it's dry. This trick does not involve trying to curl it with a brush! I always straighten my hair first, just roughly, to iron out any frizz and kinks. Next, put your hair half up and half down. Then, get curling, the wider the curl the better (and the less work for you). When each piece of hair is curled, give it a good spray with the hairspray. Once that section is done, do another layer, or layers depending on the thickness of your hair and continue to spray.

Leave the front section to the end. When you come to it, make sure to start the curl at least halfway down the length of hair and curl away from the face. Then, shake out the curls with your fingers, leaving the front part, because you want to place that over the sides like a real blow-dry would look like. Run your serum through the ends and that's it unless you have the energy to give the roots a boost with hair powder.


Sure, you could call it 'curling your hair' but when you do it like this, it looks like a blow dry, and it's way easier so we'll agree that it is, ok?

Do you have any party season hair hacks?

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