Eddie Hobbs Advises: Light Up Your Life for Less

lighted tweezersEddie's back to bring us a little light at the end of the interminable tunnel of credit card debt.

All these lovely little products we're always reading about cost money, unfortunately. And even though we make a point at beaut.ie of bringing you the best bargains we can find, sometimes pursuing beauty is a hard old road to travel. Thank God so for Eddie. He's spent the weekend trawling the net and he's got a fab recommendation for us today.

As an avid beaut.ie reader, Eddie noted with interest a post we did a good while ago about LA Tweeze, a nifty tweezers with a built in light. Bit on the 'spensive side though, at over €17. So while he was buying his anti-aging products from Buycosmetics (yup, it's a little known fact that Eddie is actually 83), he noticed the AmiRose Professional Lighted Tweezers With Travel Case And Batteries. And what he noticed the most was the price - they're on sale for a weeny €8.95, down from €14.99.


Sure you'd be mad not to try them - and you wouldn't even need a trip to the Credit Union to finance them either.

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