Every budget cloud has a silver lining: watch out for more sales and bargains

Yesterday was a desperate day in terms of news the money that's going to be leaving our pockets and going straight into government coffers.  Where it will go... exactly where?  Any of the money that the government accrued in the past was pissed away, has evaporated because apparently we were "living beyond our means".

Oh really?  I wasn't living beyond my means and I now bitterly resent having to pay for all the stupid bankers and builders who were.  And who escaped largely scot free, bailed out by Nama and the gobshites in the government.

Anyway, steam expelled, let me get on with the point of this post.  Ireland has been well known as the land of the rip off for far too long.  With this budget we will see big changes in the prices we pay for beauty products and the amount of offers, Buy One Get One Free, Gift With Purchase and so on.  Beaut.ie has campaigned long and hard to get prices lowered in Ireland and we'll continue to do so.  But what can you do.

  • Our advice is to shop carefully.  Really compare prices.  We do this as a matter of course - so always watch the blog for bargains, special offers and anything we pick out for Beaut.ienomics
  • Wait for the bargains.  When products are on special offer (whether it's Buy One Get One Free or 50% Free or whatever) that's the time to stock up.  Take advantage of the savings.
  • Don't stick to what you know.  Try other brands - supermarket beauty buys are as good in some cases as premium brands
  • Don't worry about being too green with your cosmetics and skincare.  Cosmetic companies use this trend as an excuse to charge you a fortune.  Parabens aren't really a big deal for example.
  • Get all your staple buys - shampoo, deodorant, shower gel etc on special offer.  All of it.  And just stockpile.
  • Challenge prices.  Just don't buy anything that is too expensive or is marked up just because it's sold in Ireland.  If enough of us do this, prices will have to come down
  • Get your salon fix on special offer.  Wait until there is a deal on hair colouring, waxing etc - and then go.

Share tips.  This is the place to do it - and we bet you have plenty.  There is a lot of room in the cosmetics market for prices to come down - lets see it happen.

The rip off must stop.  Now.

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