Expert Advice: How do I Get Eyeliner to Last?

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Q: What do I need to do to stop eyeliner running on me? Pencil won’t go onto my lower eyelid but gel or eye shadow end up running down my face and I get panda eyes. Help!

Never fear, makeup artist Zoe Clark is here to help:

"My first tip would be to prepare the eyelid with a little concealer and powder. I would then apply a matte-textured base eyeshadow all over lid up to the eyebrow. I would also often sweep a little under the eye, to help prevent the liner running and creasing. A base eyeshadow should be preferably matte in texture, and lighter than your skin tone for example Bobbi Brown’s Bone shadow (1) or Make Up For Ever’s no.35 shadow.


"To be honest I rarely use pencil eyeliner if I want to ensure the longevity of an eye makeup. I would either use an eyeshadow applied with a slanted brush or I would use waterproofed gel/cake eyeliner (3 - try Maybelline's well priced Eye Studio offering). Illamasqua’s Sealing Gel (2) applied on top will help to waterproof liner.

"However eyeshadow is the least likely product to run, as it is obviously a dry product. I would choose any dark shade and gently tap the eyeshadow practically on the root of the lash along the upper lid of the eye using the flat edge of a slanted brush (look at Mac’s 208 or 266 brushes (4)).

"I also would apply the eyeshadow in a similar way under the lashes. You can also soften the look by slightly smudging the eyeshadow under the lower eye lashes."

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