Famous at Superdrug? Jaysis, They're all at it


It seems perfume is no longer exclusively the beauty product that dubious stars and telly shows yearn to slap their monikers on.

Superdrug are launching a new makeup line called Famous by Sue Moxley (makeup artist to the stars, apparently). The face of the range, Georgina Lee Flemons, was chosen from a UK poll conducted by the Sun, and is now, fittingly, going to become somewhat well known. Maybe. The launch party also played host to such stars as Frank Lampard and his fiancee, Elen Rives. Oohh! Famous or what! Except I had to ask himself who Frank Lampard is...


But what's the makeup like? Well, we can find out soon - the range is in Superdrug stores from today. But it does contain all the usuals like foundation, lip and eye products as well as some kits, like the one above. You can see on the Sun website how the makeup looks on the Face of the range - hmm, not that hot, is it? Horrible styling too! And not wildly cheap either - foundations are a tenner sterling, and lipglosses are nine.

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