Feeling sad? Don't turn on the radio whatever you do.

I was sitting in a cafe with a friend the other day as she discreetly mopped up tears and blew her nose.  She was telling me about her recent split with her long term boyfriend and she was heartbroken.

But we'd talked it over and she was laughing again.

Until The Script and their Six Degrees of Separation came on the sound system.  And the tears started back.

"It's this bloody song!" she sobbed.  "I can't switch on the radio any more.  All the songs at the moment are so sad.  That friggin Passenger song, Rihanna and even One Direction are all making me cry.  The other day I was coming home in the car with the radio on and I had to pull over, I was wailing so much.  I find it safer to stick to Newstalk at the moment."

And then she delivered the clanger.


"Even Bruno Mars - Bruno Mars! - is making me cry.  I can't take it any more."

We looked at one another.

"Ah come on" I said sympathetically.  "Surely things aren't THAT bad?"

We fell into a fit of semi hysterical giggling.  But I knew what she meant.  You can't turn on the radio at the moment without being plunged into despair - and if you've got a broken heart, are suffering from any kind of loss, or feeling blue for whatever reason it might be a safer bet to avoid the radio until you're feeling stronger.

Do songs make you bawl?  Is there a particular song that starts the tears flowing?  And do you find yourself avoiding the radio in times of crisis - tell us and get it off your chest.




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