Festival Fabulous with Mac at Electric Picnic: Which Look's For Me?

mac electric picnic trends

I'm heading off to Electric Picnic thanks to Mac, whose Pro Team will be on hand in the Picnic Garden VIP area. While they'll be making up the stars all weekend (and I am firmly hoping they get to doll up Fever Ray's Karin Dreijer Andersson (and that I can watch, squeal)), anyone with hospitality access will be able be in with a chance to get their makeup done by the pros on hand too - if they're lucky enough, that is.

Mac Pro trainer Dean Rudd has designed two festival-fabulous looks for the whole shebang - Electric Pink-nic and 3D-Ize. Now, I am *fingers firmly crossed* going to get the opportunity to have my grimy, tent-tastic face worked on one day, so I'm leaving the look I should go for in your hands.


Do you reckon I'm an Electric Pink-nic kinda gal? Or really, am I waaaaay more 3D-Ize? It's up to you - and I'll even get someone to take a drunken photo of me as evidence. Be kind now, ladies.

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