How to choose your perfect nail shape

For some, getting their nails done is their thing. It could even be the one little thing they do for themselves that brightens up their week.

But getting your nails done doesn’t stop at picking a colour and opting for glitter or no glitter.

Another important aspect is the shape of your nails. After all, these are the canvas on which you will be showing off your freshly made nails.

Choosing one of the myriad of nail shapes out there may seem like a difficult task but fear not - we have everything you need to know:

Round Nails

Definition: With a circular edge, this shape mirrors the contour of the nail.

Best Suits: A round nail makes them look narrow and makes wide nail beds appear thinner. This shape suits anyone looking to elongate their fingers.

Wear It With: Any shade will suit a round nail.

Oval Nails

Definition: Similar to an almond shape nail, except with a more rounded tip. 

Best suits: An oval shape nail is very feminine and suits most people.

Wear It With: Along with bold and out there shades, this shape is great for metallics and reds.

Square Nails

Definition: Square nails means that the front edge is exactly perpendicular to the sides of the nails. 


Suits best: If you have slim fingers and very narrow nail beds, this is the perfect shape for you.

Wear It With: Solid dark colour work well with this shape, but so do nudes and nail art.

Squoval Nails

Definition: This is a classic square shape nail with its edges rounded.

Best suits: This is a universally flattering nail shape.

Wear It With: Dark shades look great with this shape. 

Ballerina Nails

Definition: This shape is tapered on the sides with a straight edge on the tip just like a ballerinas pointe. 

Best suits: Any fashionista will suit this nail - it's is chic and strong.

Wear It With: Any solid colour works well.

Almond Nails

Definition: An elongated nail with tapered tips.

Best suits: This is the chicest shape in the nail world. Sleek, strong and sexy. 


Wear It With: Nude, nude and nude.

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